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Color of Ruby:

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April 2015


When a gray or grayish hue is present as a third color in a diamond, from a price perspective it eliminates almost entirely the influence of the first color moderator. It also discount the value of the diamond considerably. Depending on the stone's primary color, the reduction in value could be as high as 70 percent.  


The missing gap: bridging gemology and reality  
You are qualified to determine the identity of a gemstone, but what does that provide you in the real world? Do you know that a ruby may vary in price from $10 per carat to almost $1 million dollars per carat? How can you learn what really counts. 

Is the future of gem pricing already here?   
One of the most difficult tasks in the gem business was forever simplified with the introduction of GemePrice, an online pricing system that can accurately value a colored diamond or gemstone in real time.  Its fourth generation has just been released and includes a range of new features for jewelers, gem dealers, designers, gemologists and appraisers. 


77.77-carat yellow diamond and 4.57-carat vivid pink diamond fail to sell at Sotheby's
One third of the lots did not find buyers, but there were notable sales. An 11.21-carat fine sapphire ring sold for $2.1 million.

With a total weight of 32.39 carats, 424 pave-set emeralds encase watch case, dial and strap 

If you are interested in acquiring the Caviar Emerald Tourbillon, it will cost you about $2.4 million.

World's largest gemstone producer considers purchase of Colombian emerald mine 
The company's  Zambian emerald mine yielded 12.1 million carats during H2 2014. That was six times Colombia's output for the entire year.


Van Cleef & Arpels pays gem-set tribute to Samurai-like  ornamental fish 
The orange-colored Carpe Koi watch bracelet is set with 8,000 precious gemstones and took 3,450 hours to complete.


New gem-set cell phone manufacturer targets the women's market
Taking his cue from jewelry manufacturers, Alessandro Savelli is mainly counting on women to buy  his mobile phones.  


Once the world's largest tanzanite producer, Richland Resources leaves Tanzania 
Falling production and regulatory pressure convinced the company to concentrate  its attention on its Australian sapphire concession.



Graff follows 2014's spectacular Basel debut with a sapphire and diamond watch
Topping last year's Hallucination watch, with its 110 carats of fancy color diamonds, was always going to be tough, but the jeweler did not disappoint. 

Pakistani gem trading center hit hard by country's security and political disorder 
Located near the Khyber Pass and close to the Afghan border, the Namak Mandi bazaar of Peshawar is a shadow of its former self.  


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