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Color of Ruby:

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Risk or Opportunity

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February 2012

When we first launched GemePrice™, Gemewizard®'s new fancy colored diamonds pricing system, at end of last year, we received feedback from several gemologists, stating that we needed to differentiate between the qualities within each color grade.


A common color language is key to avoiding communication breakdowns in the gem trade

It may be overstating the case to declare that the better color communication system that existed in the diamond trade was mainly responsible for the massive disparity in growth between the diamond and colored gemstone sectors, but it certainly is fair to state that it was a factor. It was for this reason that Gemewizard® publicly launched its GemeSquare™ computerized color coding and communications system in 2006.


Analyzing tanzanite color using polarizing filters

A color that is rare in tanzanite is a green-violet mixture displayed as an unusual zoning within the crystal. After fashioning and polishing, due to the facets angles, the colors merge and produce a remarkable metallic color. A 6.31-carat emerald-cut tanzanite was brought to Gemewizard® for color analysis. It exhibited this fascinating phenomenon.

Smithsonian scientists study the secret of the Hope Diamond's blue hue
The Smithsonian scientists reported that the diamond contains surprisingly high levels of boron, more so than in many other blue diamonds that were studied.

'World's largest cut emerald' fails to sell after owner's arrest in Canada
The 57,500-carat crystal, which had been billed as the world's largest emerald, was said to be worth at least $1.15 million.

Tucson Gem Shows end on upbeat note, traffic slightly up from 2011
As it does each year, for two weeks the western U.S. town of Tucson became the focal point of the colored gemstone trade.

GIA assists lead-glass-filled ruby informational campaign with new online video
The video's release follows a consumer advisory by six industry groups warning about an increased incidence of lead-glass-filled rubies in the marketplace.

Signs point to possible end to U.S. ban on sales of rubies from Myanmar
An end to the ban requires the repeal or amendment of the Tom Lantos Block Burmese JADE Act , which was signed into law in July 2008.

Howard Rubin, GemDialogue color communication system creator, 1925-2012
A veteran of the industry, he introduced his innovative method of desribing color in gemstones in 1982.

Small county in China's Shandong Province enjoying boom due to sapphire business
A one-carat stone that would have sold for less than 100 yuan 10 years ago, today sells for as much as 5,000 yuan.

Richland Resources reinforces Tanzanian credentials to protect TanzaniteOne's status
The owner of Tanzania's largest tanzanite mining company will release 20 percent of its shares for sale on the Dar es Salaam stock exchange in April.


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